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Hi! I am a fifth year PhD candidate in the department of Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington, advised by Dr. Gary Hsieh. My research areas include human-computer interaction (HCI), conversational user interface (CUI) design, machine learning, and health informatics.

Specifically, my research focuses on (1) evaluating existing conversational systems and contributing a validated set of heuristics for conversational user interface design; and (2) designing and building conversational systems that leverage human-centered methods to facilitate the uptake of health interventions.

Previously, I received my bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Studio Arts from the University of Rochester. I have conducted research at Snap, Facebook, ROC HCI Lab, and CMU HCII.

My work is published in venues including CHI, CUI, and IMWUT, and has received awards at top conferences in human-computer interaction, including Best Paper and Honorable Mention Awards at CHI and CUI.


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